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Sky Garden (老街坊空中花园) - Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Have you ever hear about this place guys? Sky garden at Old Street Commercial Centre Rooftop (老街坊空中花园), Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This place been go viral among Facebook in late 2016, it's become many Facebookers wishlist place to visit in Johor Bahru and i am one of them of course. Lots of people share about this place on Facebook and called it as "Disneyland" Malaysia, that's is definitely the main reason what bring my interest to visit, because i'm totally a Disney fans and way too addicted to Disney ! LOL. So, this place definitely is in my list on my last December short trip to Johor Bahru with my friends beside M2escape cafe in my last post that you can read here.
In this post i like to share more information and my experience about this place since i had already visit by my own, Because most of the post in Facebook about this place are not really describe detail about more information about this place. And an experience that we (me and my friends) get is definitely an unforgetable memories , haha. Continue reading and you will know what i mean for the unforgetable. LOL!

Our trip to Johor Bahru for 3 days 2 night we stay at 11@Century Hotel , the hotel location is really strategic it located just opposite KSL City Mall and the price of this hotel also reasonable. I often booked hotel through Agoda, if you are planning to go Johor Bahru lately may try out this hotel by booked via Agoda, it's more cheapest than walk in.
Okay now i will describe how to go Batu Pahat from KSL City Mall, We ride a grab car a lot in this trip because it's really easy, safe and of course more cheapest than usual taxi. So, you can ride a grab car like we do or taxi from KSL City mall to Larkin Bus Terminal, it's cost around 8-15 RM (IDR.25.000 - IDR.50.000), and when you arrived Larkin Bus Terminal take a Causeway Link express Bus to Batu Pahat for RM11/person (IDR.35.000/org). We take bus because it's much more cheapest that take a taxi/grab car direct to Batu Pahat , it will cost you around RM153-RM200 (IDR.480.000-IDR630.000) if you take a taxi/grab car. It's take a round 2-3hours to arrived Batu Pahat.

And now the story begin... because the super duper less information we get about Sky garden at Old Street Commercial Centre Rooftop (老街坊空中花园), all the information we have is just how to go there by Bus which just i describe, after that we are totally blank about Batu Pahat =,='', So that why we got stray in there, Actually we already see the Sky Garden (i see the minion building) but when we see it our bus already pass through so we decided to drop in next bus stop and just take a taxi back to Sky Garden will be Okay , but obviously we are wrong with our prediction because there are not even one taxi around the bus stop, so we decided to walk a long back following the way we come by bus and keep looking around for taxi BUT you know what ? There are really NO TAXI , Totally NO TAXI a long the way of Batu Pahat , OMG! This must be kidding me i think. And after a more than 2 hours ON FOOT (in this more than 2hours we go through stray and find the way back by asking there local and had a burger king in halfway because we are way too hungry) and Finally we see the building of the Old Street Commercial Centre (We really touched in this moment because finally really!). And the problem is not end here! because we are not planning to stay over night here (because of the super less information again) we actually plan from the start to take a taxi back to Johor Bahru (KSL City mall) by Taxi even it's expensive, but the problem is even we want to take a taxi there are NO TAXI around too in Old Street Commercial Centre. =,='', so we decided to walk on foot again to the Batu Pahat mall near by, because we got some info from local that taxi only standby in mall so we go to try our luck. So on foot we walk again around 20minutes to arrived in Batu Pahat mall and what the most important is we definitely Thanks God we see a taxi there. And Luckily one of the taxi drivers want to drive we back to Johor Bahru (KSL City mall) why i say luckily because the distance from Batu Pahat back to Johor Bahru (KSL City mall) take around 2-3hours far and the time we want to head back already 10pm so not many drivers want to take passangers anymore in that matter. So Lucky we ! even it's cost us RM200 (IDR.630.000)

But still we are not regret for visiting Sky garden at Old Street Commercial Centre Rooftop (老街坊空中花园) which people called as "Disneyland" Malaysia. Because we all know that we will be more regret if we not visit since we are curious about this place. The Sky Garden actually not so big instead small but still the place exactly the same with the photos i had see in the post from facebook. The sky garden is photogenic but less of entertainment. So, we take as much photos as we want to not waste our full of struggle way here. LOL!

So as my unforgetable and awesome experience , i hope you guys who are planning to visit Sky garden at Old Street Commercial Centre Rooftop (老街坊空中花园), Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. won't go through what had happened to us. So, I suggest you guys:
  1. If you want to go by Bus like we did, when the bus almost arrived Batu Pahat Area , please tell the driver you want to drop down in Batu Pahat Mall, So that you can get a taxi from there to Old Street Commercial Centre. 
  2. The Causeway Link Bus Services end on 7pm, so is Better to stay over night to save taxi cost and can walk around Batu Pahat more.
  3. If you stay over night make sure the hotel you stay have a taxi services (if not it's really hard to get a taxi there, believe me!)
  4. Even Better if you have a friends in Johor Bahru that can drive you and accompany you to there.

From here on, Enjoy the Photos i take ...........

"Sky Garden (老街坊空中花园)"
Location : Old Street Commercial Centre Roof Top, Jalan Rotan Utama, Taman Sri Jaya - Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 
Open hours : 6PM - 12.30AM  (Malaysia time)

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