Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mickey Mouse cafe (M2escape), Johor Bahru,Malaysia.

Shout out to all Mickey Mouse lover and fans out there! a cafe that you all must visit at least once when you are in or planning to go on a trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I found the exist of this cafe after my last sudden trip to Johor Bahru in July because i'm way too bored while my last trip in there and actually have nothing to do except shopping in the mall (this is what most people do when visit Johor Bahru), but i'm not kind of shopping people but more likely love to chilling, explore some new place and takes some nice photos. So, when my friends (Dennis & Diana) asked to have a short trip together to Johor Bahru this Desember i certainly won't missed out to visit this Mickey Mouse cafe in the trip planned (actually a whole trip was plan by me, yeah! i'm the squad leader, LOL).

The name of this mickey mouse cafe actually is " M2escape " Cafe and Homestay. Okay, you can notice the homestay i write right, so M2escape is not just a cafe but they also have a homestay, we actually do have a thought to stay at m2 homestay but a info i got the homestay accommodate for 10 person up to 15 but we just three person so the homestay will be too huge and also out of budget for us, so unfortunately not for this trip but maybe next time when a group trip hope we can make it happen.
M2escape cafe and of course their homestay too, are all decoration with full Mickey Mouse and friends themes and they also have a lot of Mickey Mouse collection around every corner of the cafe, and what !? some of them are for sale, so you can shop some cute collection of Mickey back home. And here i share you guys somes (actually alot) photos i takes while we enjoy our quality coffee time at M2escpae cafe. 
PS : Make sure you bring your camera guys! you guys will definitely take a lot of photos as much as i did. LOL! enjoy..

If you guys are planning to visit, Note that please focus to find this M2 entry door to the cafe because M2escape located among shops and in second floor moreover the entry door is not huge neither draw attention and also not every taxi driver know about the exist of this cafe. So you maybe will just pass through without conscious. Note that guys!

Even just a stairs to the cafe you already can see the decoration full of Mickey Mouse and Friends around. I'm way too excited.

 The Mickey Mouse art pose exactly same with my shirt from cotton on. yeah !

 And here are the looks inside the cafe.

Some cute mickey and minnie headbands are prepare and feel free to use for take photos there. So, please pardon me to have some shameless selfie. LOL!

However we are visit a cafe, so let's now we talk about the food. We are not having main foods because we way too full when we go there so we decided to have some cute dessert with mickey art of course. The foods taste is pretty good to me, there are a lot of cafe that serve pretty and cute foods but the taste is awful but m2escape foods are pretty good and the price also kind of cafe standard price. so it's worth a try. Below are what we order and i also provide the price in RM and IDR for you guys.

 "VANILLA CARAMEL WAFFLE" - RM 13.90 ( IDR 43.000 )

 "COMBO A" - RM 18.00 (IDR 55.000)

 "COFFEE TIRAMISU CAKE" - RM 15.90 (IDR 49.000)


"M2escape Cafe"
Location : 7-01 (Second Floor), Jalan Austin Heights 8/8, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 
Open hours : Tuesday - Sunday 2PM - 1AM ( Last order : 11.25PM), Monday CLOSED. (Malaysia time)
Phone : +60 12-738 5848
PS : This cafe accept cash only.


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