Thursday, November 17, 2016

My top 5 Desserts Cafe in town (Batam)

I really do loves dessert , i'm sure that most people also do. Desserts make us happy, make us smile and desserts are our best friends in our bad and good times. When we are happy and gathering with friends we like to having a tea time and sweet treats , and also in our bad times we always loves to have some desserts to keep us calm. So in this post i want to share my top 5 favourite desserts cafe in Batam. Let's have more sweet desserts time with our favourite people. So here we go my guide to the best dessert cafe in town.

 Anchor Cafe and Roastery
This is my most favourite cafe now in Batam, if just i live near the sukajadi area, i think i must could dropping by every other day. My recommended sweet treats in here are Strawberry Shortcake waffles (Left), Hot Skillet Brownie (Right) and pecan pie (sorry that i forget to take the pic).

Dermaga Culinary Paradise Blok RF #11
Tue - Thur 8am - 6pm
Fri-Sun 8am - 8pm
Mon Closed.

 Smith Patisserie
This is a new french patisserie cafe in town and after my first time visit i have been coming back for several times just because I'm craving for their cakes and because of that i have tried mostl them cakes as you can see from the pic, they're Be Passion (Mango Favor), Rouge Love (Berry Favor), Atelier (Banana Favor), Red Velvet, Valrhona Gateau (Dark Chocolate), Thai Tea Mille Crepes, Tarte aux Durian, Chocolate Mille Crepes and Got-cha (Matcha favor). And My recommended are Be Passion , red velvet and most favourite Valrhona Gateau. Do give it a try !

BCS Mall Lt.3
Open daily 10am - 9.30pm
WA : +62 81177 31919

Fur Elise
If we talk dessert of course we can't missed out Gelato. Now this! my favourite Gelato in town. It's a new cafe too, it just opening about two months and i already go for 2 times even it's new. The cafe is relaxing for having a quality time with friends and family. But the most important is the Gelato is really delicious and refreshing too. My recommended for the Gelato are TRY IT ALL ! this i what i planned to do, because till now i only had try 4 favor out of all and all taste good. For an additional sweet treats they also have cakes but still a prefer Gelato when i go there.

Nagoya Newtown Blok R No 7
Daily 10am -10pm (the info is uncertain)

 Caffein Cafe
This is my most visit cafe out of 5 cafe in this post but also the less cafe that i take pictures of them cakes, so i'm sorry that i didn't manage to post lot of the cakes pics but just the latest two that i ate. Although i didn't take a pics of them but i still remember clearly of what i cakes that i had eat because the taste so good and always will make me craving over it. The have much kinds of cakes so i will just say some that't i recommended are Oreo Cheese cake, Chocolate Mousse, Devil's cake and Cheese Tart.

Ruko R3 Supeblock Mall Nagoya Hill Blok A/3A
Daily 10am - 10pm

Half and Half
Yay ! The one and only Bingsu in Batam. Maybe some of you have already try out a lot of Bingsu out there and must already how much normally Bingsu are served and it's not cheap of course. But here in Batam we got a Bingsu that taste really good with good quality in such a cheap price. Must give it a try guys who who haven't try it yet. My recomended are Injeolmi Bingsu and Classic Chocolate Bingsu.

Morning Bakery Greenland, Ruko Greenland Blok D1 No.1-6.
Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm
Fri-Sun 10am-9pm


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