Thursday, August 18, 2016

Being unique is Better - "Rumah Pamer & Kopi Rubeka"

A tea time is always a must when i am hanging out with my friends and so do you right ? , but finding a right cafe is also difficult some time in Batam. Nowadays, there are many cafe in Batam but not all are suitable for having a tea time and chit chat with friends because of the crowded, especially a newly opened cafe. So, i always loved to visit a cafe after some time since it open and have a quite good reviews.
And here is my current favourite cafe "Rumah Pamer & Kopi Rubeka", i do love unique things so much and this cafe really catch my eyes with they unique concept. The concept of this cafe i no need to explain much , just see the pictures i takes and it's easy to figuring out.


 Most of the menu here are drinks and snacks, the price is between Rp.15.000 - Rp.25.000 and no tax so the price is fix price. What a reasonable price , that's what make me love this place even more :)

After all the pictures i takes you do know the concept of this cafe don't you? but actually we already can figure it out from the name of the cafe "Rumah Pamer" which mean "Home Exhibition". So, this cafe are exhibition a lot of vintage stuff and secondhand goods we used to have , the goods are not just for decoration the cafe but some of them with a price tag are also for sale. For people who love to collection a vintage stuff or buying a secondhand goods maybe you can find some of new loves here.
"Rumah Pamer & Kopi Rubeka" Cafe i really do recommend, it's a comfortable and totally a photogenic cafe.

Location : Superblock Imperium B 25-26, Batam
Opening Hours : 
Sunday- Friday 10.00am-10.00pm
Saturday 10.00am-12.00pm 
Instagram : rubekacoffeeshop

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