Thursday, August 18, 2016

Being unique is Better - "Rumah Pamer & Kopi Rubeka"

A tea time is always a must when i am hanging out with my friends and so do you right ? , but finding a right cafe is also difficult some time in Batam. Nowadays, there are many cafe in Batam but not all are suitable for having a tea time and chit chat with friends because of the crowded, especially a newly opened cafe. So, i always loved to visit a cafe after some time since it open and have a quite good reviews.
And here is my current favourite cafe "Rumah Pamer & Kopi Rubeka", i do love unique things so much and this cafe really catch my eyes with they unique concept. The concept of this cafe i no need to explain much , just see the pictures i takes and it's easy to figuring out.


 Most of the menu here are drinks and snacks, the price is between Rp.15.000 - Rp.25.000 and no tax so the price is fix price. What a reasonable price , that's what make me love this place even more :)

After all the pictures i takes you do know the concept of this cafe don't you? but actually we already can figure it out from the name of the cafe "Rumah Pamer" which mean "Home Exhibition". So, this cafe are exhibition a lot of vintage stuff and secondhand goods we used to have , the goods are not just for decoration the cafe but some of them with a price tag are also for sale. For people who love to collection a vintage stuff or buying a secondhand goods maybe you can find some of new loves here.
"Rumah Pamer & Kopi Rubeka" Cafe i really do recommend, it's a comfortable and totally a photogenic cafe.

Location : Superblock Imperium B 25-26, Batam
Opening Hours : 
Sunday- Friday 10.00am-10.00pm
Saturday 10.00am-12.00pm 
Instagram : rubekacoffeeshop

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Duck King Batam - DIM SUM ALL YOU CAN EAT

For celebrating they first anniversary, The Duck King Restaurant Batam is having a limited special promotion for "ALL YOU CAN EAT DIMSUM". For who are an avid fans of dim sum , this is probably one of the best deals in town. There are around 70 choices of menu for all you can eat dimsum and i only try 10 out of 70 choices that are the most main choices of dim sum.

 "Xiao Long Pao" -  The taste is good to very good for standard in town.
This is what we order the most that day , the portion is really small so and we can eat a lot really !

 "Pao Telur Asin" (Salted Egg Yolk Pao) - The taste is just not bad.
Where ever i am having a dim sum i always want to try the salted egg yolk pao, because i really love it. but for the salted egg yolk pao here still cant make it in to my favourite list. 

 "Kuo Tie" - Taste good.

 "Siew Mai" - Taste good to very good.
This is the third place for what we most order.

 "Pangsit Wanton Goreng" - Taste good to very good.
This is on the second place for what we most order.

 "Cha Seiw Pao" - Taste good.
The cha seiw pao have a taste good and juicy filling but it's too bad that the skin is too thick. So i suggest to try by sharing if not you will get full easily.

 "Ha Kau" - Taste good.
This is not my favourite in town but still the taste is good.

 "Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu" - Taste not bad.

 "Lumpia Goreng" - Taste good.

 "Egg Tart Portugis" - Taste not bad.
Maybe my standard for egg tart is really high, because it's one of my favourite food. So, i try this is just not bad. There's another of my favourite in town.

  • The Price for this deal is IDR.108.000,- (for Adult) and IDR.78.000,- (for Children age 6-12 years old). Price include service charge and government tax. But does not include drinks.
  • Dining Time is 2 Hours.
  • This deal cannot be used in conjuction with any others promotion, discount, member card or promotion voucher.
  • Excessive wastage will be charged as the normal selling price for the item, so make sure you can eat all what you order.
  • All order will be on a first come first served basic, whilist stocks last. So make sure you come early before our the the availability.
  • Available Only on SUNDAY from 08.30 - 16.00 WIB , Last order is 15.30.

The End of promotion date is still haven't been confirmed (I asked from the waiters), so make sure you didn't missed this special offer!

Location : Nagoya Citywalk - Lower Ground 2-9 Northwalk A No.1, Batam, Indonesia.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Birthdate in Macau

A Birthday date in another country is really not a bad idea , maybe you can't spend your special day with your family or best friend but  i promise you that you will get a different and unforgetable memories during a birthday trip as my experience. This is my first time celebrate my birthday by having a birthday trip and i really love it! So as my royal reader sure know i already post 2 part of my birthday trip that about Hong Kong ( Hong Kong Disneyland Resort & Discover Hong Kong 2016 ) . But in my real birth date is the day we from Hong Kong to Macau, so exactly i spend my birthday in Macau.
Macau is known as China Las Vegas, so lot of adults went to Macau is because of the Casino, but we are going to enjoy ourselves (the truth is we don't know how to do gambling). Okay ! in this post i won't write a lot but just share my Happiness in my Birthday ! :)

 Take a selfie and get ready from Hong Kong to Macau. We going to Macau by TurboJet because is easier because the departures time is every 15minutes. From Hong Kong to Macau sailing time are 55minutes.
Location : 3/F Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan.
Tickets Fare : HKD164 (weekday), HKD177 (Weekends & Holiday)

When you arrived in Macau , transportation is the most awesome part and what we love the most because there's FREE shuttle bus to all Hotel and from hotel where you stay to another hotel if you want to visit , that not all ! but the shuttle bus also will take you to a city with they fixed base, remember! it's all FREE ! and another best part in Macau is, there have wifi everywhere even the shuttle bus, so don't be afraid that you won't have internet connection :)
In Macau we Stay in Galaxy Macau, Sorry i forget to take a photos of the rooms  because i enjoying the room so much because the room is totally awesome , really best ! but who follow my snapchat i do snap that day but if you missed out you can re-see my snapchat video in my Youtube channel here. Or more about galaxy macau you can search in they website at
 One of the most famous in Macau , Venetian! a must visit, totally beautiful and photogenic place :)

 i really fall in love with the awesome design !

 Have our Dim Sum lunch in Yum Cha in Sand Cotai Central. For easier is go by shuttle bus because by walking is quite far but still a positive side is get to see more of Macau while on the way.

 A must eat in Macau definitely is Egg Tart ! The most recommend one no others but Egg tart by Lord Stow's Bakery. I totally miss this !!!!!!
Location : 870, Mark street, Level 3, Shoppes at Venetian.

 Yeah !  first night in Macau also my birthday night got a free birthday cake from Galaxy Macau. The cake taste really good till its gone in flash. haha

 Because it's my Birthday,  i really enjoying myself a lot. My style of  bubble bath with eggtart and yakult! :)

Goodnight Macau.

 Breakfast , xiao long bao.

 Another must visit in Macau, Ruins of St. Paul's Church. 
maybe because it's a landmark so is so crowded here, i can't even take a picture without stranger :(

Macau Tower
Didn't manage to visit Macau tower, i really so want to try the bungee jump but the price really does not support =.= , hope one day i get to try and  back again to this beautiful city :)

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