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Explore Singapore - Haji Lane

     For a lot of people that have a lot of best friends a friendship trip may not a strange thing. but for a friend less people like me it's really a rare thing. Lately finally i have find one good friend of mine that we really fit each others in many ways, actually we already know each other about 3years but just get to know each others more lately on last year and started to hang out somehow with others friends of us. I am not sweet talk kind of people (sorry, i'm not a drama queen. LOL) so maybe that why i don't have much close friend , but for who want to be my friend i won't care for who you are, what is your background, how is your lifestyle, no matter you are black or white as long as you are nice to me i will be nice to you too. So, let's be friend ;)
     Now back to topic, so this post is about my one day explore Singapore with that good friend of mine, Dennis Tan. Actually this is a sudden trip to release our stress on work for a while and Singapore was the best choices for one day trip for us who live in Batam, Indonesia. Because from Batam to Singapore just need around 45minutes by ferry. Do you know why i call this trip as one day explore Singapore, because as i know most of peoples take a trip to Singapore is just going to shopping in orchird, Bugis, ect or just going to the famous tourist attraction like Sentosa, Universal, Marina Baysand, Garden by The Bay , etc. And i amit that we also in that list of most peoples i said ,haha. But then we realise , so we decided we want to explore more of Singapore places that we haven't go before and Haji Lane is our first choice in our first one day trip of explore Singapore.
     Haji Lane is in the Kampong Glam neightbourhood of Singapore. As i know Haji Lane is one of the most frequanted hotspot by Singaporean youths. Though Haji Lane is small but with a row of multi-label and unique stores, quirky boutiques, it's a fashionista paradise. as well as lot of hip bars and cafes, and the street arts in every corner. We really made a right choice.

 To Haji Lane by MRT : The closest MRT Stop is Bugis, you can walk to Haji Lane in any exit with a different distance. it's our first time so we go with exit D by an information we got. 

After come out from exit D go left side to Rochor road and bus stop way, just walk follow the street till you see a highway lights then turn left and cross the road then just keep walking straight , take around 5minutes walk then you will see some street art acrross the street , then there you are arrived in Haji Lane.

a street art that make a lot of tourist love to takes a pictures here. Let's enjoy some of the pictures we take.
 ( Thank my friend Dennis for help me as my photographer that day. Gomawoyo Chingu :D )

Walking around to find cafe for our late breakfast.

We had our late breakfast in "ACADEMY.ROASTERY.CAFE"
Location : 29 Sultan Gate, Singapore
Opening hours  : Tuesday - Friday (11.00-22.00), Saturday-Sunday (09.30-22.00)

The design of the cafe is simple and cozy, we totally like it :)

it's a real candid! not bad huh :)))

I have a custome that if go to a new place / cafe , i like to order a chef recommend dishes, so because it's our first time here so of course what we order are a chef recommend. We order 2 lunch courses although actually our late breakfast, Ray's Ben (S$19.80) and SMORGATAN (S$22.80) , between the 2 that we order i love the Ray's Ben the 8 hours slow-braised pulled pork taste really good.
Avarage spending for two in this cafe is S$50-S$60

After meal, keep walk around Haji Lane for more pictures :)

The stores and boutiques are really unique in Haji Lane :)

if you are my blog loyal reader, you must already know that i always have my dessert after meal in my previous post, so of course never missed out in this trip too. We are having our tea time in this unique "SELFIE COFFEE",  yes, serious! a selfie coffee cafe, take a selfie/wefie, print it on top of your latte. That's what make we curious, so without dope we choose this cafe for our tea time. 
Location : 11 Haji Lane Singapore

Here is our wefie caramel macchiato.
Let's me tell you how to order:
1. Take a selfie/wefie with a phone available in the cafe.
2. Order the drinks, recommended to order the cold ones if you want the picture to last on the foam longer
3. The machine will print the selfie onto the coffee foam, don't worry the colors for the foam are similar to cake frostings but do note it would get a thick layer of cream and actually the cream is delicious so it's okay.
Price for Selfie Frappe is S$8.90, okay,  it's Expensive.

 and then our face gone!

Picture in front the cafe , love the cafe outside design but not inside for the second floor.

if you are planning to visit Haji Lane, i recommend to come in rather of afternoon or evening because lot of stores and cafes are open from afternoon till night, if your are visit there too early actually you will got nothing to do beside taking a pictures with the street art :)

so this is an extra in this post, because we are really craving for a korean foods so our last stop in this trip is having our late lunch in Tanjong pagar that has become a K-town in Singapore with a lot of korean restaurants there. Tanjong Pagar also got a lot of cafes and bars but unfortunately we can't explore it all in just one day,  next time, definitely!
There are a lot of of korean restaurants in Tanjong Pagar, so where should you choose? actually i had been there several times before ,so i already try several restaurants there and all are taste good, have never been disappointed. So for this time without doubt we just walk a round and random choose one BBQ restaurant and give it a try. So, our random choice is "Obba Dinner Korean Restaurant"
Location : 63 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore.
Opening Hours : I don't really sure the real opening and closed hours, but we visit in rather afternoon and it's already opened.

 "BBQ SET B (Pork) for 2-3 PAX"
(5mm of Sliced Pork Belly+2mm of Sliced Pork Belly+Marinated Pork Rib+Marinated Chicken+Side Dish)

"Steamed Stone Pot Egg"

( Soft Tofu & Seafood Stew With Egg (Mild Spicy) serve with rice )

     What we order is more than enough for 2 persons and yeah ! we got NO dissapointed too for random choosing "Obba BBQ Korean Restaurant" , the Foods taste good , my friend Dennis really love the steamed egg so much. The Service is not bad, just the waiters really not like to smile. haha. but still i hope you do visit here! Average spending for two is S$70-90.

     For Korean Snack lovers like us, Tanjong Pagar as K-town also have several korean mini market nearby , you can get somes korean snacks from there :) . Right Beside Obba BBQ have "Koryo Mart Store", so of course we shop a lot ! especially my friend Dennis. :D
Location : 67 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore.

     And this one day trip end in a flash of time and hope i will have more explore Singapore trip to come and share it with you through my blog. :)  
Thank You for visit and read my blog.
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