Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort! (Hong Kong Part 1)

It's been a month ago since i went to Hong Kong for my birthday trip and finally here i post my trip there in my blog. Of course, the first what i must post about Hong Kong must be Disneyland resort in Hong Kong, where our destination that most excited to me. When you are in this Happiest place on earth , this is how lot people refer to disneyland and there's nothing to be doubt but true. Oh my that magical place, Can i live there forever? (okay, wake up from dream) back to topic, when you are in disneyland you shall will non stop taking photos or maybe just me who are over excited? haha.. so , this post is going to be long on photos even more that all my previous post.
We (me&boyfie) go disneyland in our third days in Hong Kong with my cousin (who just arrived hong kong that day and we meetup in disneyland), i will post my full hongkong trip in next post.

Disneyland Hongkong is located at Lantau Island, a small island located outside HongKong. Proceed to Disneyland Hongkong with MTR ride (HongKong MTR is really easy and simple to take , suggest you guys to download an application in smartphone "MTR Tourist") depart from our hotel in Mongkok Station (Tsuen Wan Line) go straight 6 stops to Lai King Station and from Lai King Station change to Tung Chung Line and take 2 stops to Sunny Bay Station and from Sunny Bay Station interchange to the cute train, yes! it's disneyland train that full of mickey and it will take you to Disneyland Resort MTR station. Just as simple as that.

  Me that over joy and can't wait to take that cute train i ever ride before and the train is arrived ! 
 The Train handles and windows are made in the shape of my favourite Mickey's head! ok, is photos time.

Yeah! arrived in Disneyland resort station, the stand are design in mickey magic hat.

 Disneyland Hong Kong opens at 10 AM daily, we went there on weekday and arrived around 11.30 am. We didn't went early because we must wait for my cousin who just arrived from singapore and will be meetup with us in disneyland right from airport. But is great to not come too early because the time we arrived not too crowd and while waiting for my cousin of it's photos times. :)

beacause i take too much photos while waiting for cousin till i can't decide which to post.so, whatever.

 and then... here introduce you my cousin who finally arrived (for those who want to come disneyland straight from the airport like my cousin, you don't have to worry about your luggage, there's a place you can entrused your luggage in disneyland till 9pm, disneyland closed time is 8pm after a fireworks show , so you can stay until the land closed),  let's take a wefie with our tickets first before go in and the tickets are toystory character , cute isn't it ?. We buy our tickets in seven eleven near our hotel to avoid a long queu. So, You can buy disneyland in all seven eleven outlet, disney online website and some hotel also sell the tickets. The tickets price is HKD.539 (around IDR.935.000) for adult (ages 12-64) 1-day pass.

 so this is the first view you will see when you step in the gate , the Mickey icon shaped from flowers. Pictures time again of course. but please note this guys, for who like to used selfie stick , in disneyland here "NO SELFIE STICK IS ALLOWED" for safety reasons. so make sure you go with a friends who really have good photogaphy skill. hahaha

 Happy Girl who got her over cute mickey hat. so peace out !

 after buy our very own hat we keep walk in and lucky us ! we see some crowd in front and you know what? it's baymax (bighero) out time. 

Take a walk not far from the main entrance gate, you will see this beautiful disney parks with most favourite disney's icon. 

 Next what ? another lucky us, the date we went is near Hongkong disneyland 10th anniversary so there's a litte celebration show by mickey and friends , too much happiest.

 The Perfect Couple , Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Our very first game in disneyland, maybe it's childish but whatever, as long as you happy.

 Starwar disney eggs, you will see disney eggs everywhere and they are cutes :)

 The must do Mickey and Minnie Photos Corner, you never want to missed out to takes pictures with them. 
Playing around with my cheerful and handsome mickey.
 My two favourites Gentleman :)

Welcome to it's a small world, that beautiful pastel colors castle , it's so amazing. Don't hesitate but must go inside to see the small world, it's beautiful , all beautiful.

 Disney Park by Pandora, when you go in to this park by Pandora , you're like go in to a faiy tale , there're all disney princess story and castle in minimalist to be told.

 The most awesome ride is here ! in toystoryland. most of the ride or i can say playground in disney land are belongs to kids, so for aldult who want something wild must try RC Racer in toystory land and Runaway mine Cars in Grizzly Gulch.

 We are all tired after a long day walk and play, so we decided to go back to sleeping beauty castle around 6pm to  take pictures as much as we want and go walking around near main street to shop , eat and relax ourselves while waiting for parade show in 7.30pm .

Below are some beautiful creations by disney.

 And won't forget to try some sweets in disney, cute and delicious mickey's head ice cream and waffle

Finally, The Disney Night Parade show, i am totally feel so touched and blessed in the parade and fireworks show moment, i don't know how to described. When i am watching its, my eyes are fill with tears and i got a goosebumps, really! I am totally in loves with this Magical place.

Goodbye Hong Kong Disneyland! Definetely will go to another disneyland , i really really really love this place so much! a place full of magical , fairy tale and dreams come true .

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