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Mickey Mouse cafe (M2escape), Johor Bahru,Malaysia.

Shout out to all Mickey Mouse lover and fans out there! a cafe that you all must visit at least once when you are in or planning to go on a trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I found the exist of this cafe after my last sudden trip to Johor Bahru in July because i'm way too bored while my last trip in there and actually have nothing to do except shopping in the mall (this is what most people do when visit Johor Bahru), but i'm not kind of shopping people but more likely love to chilling, explore some new place and takes some nice photos. So, when my friends (Dennis & Diana) asked to have a short trip together to Johor Bahru this Desember i certainly won't missed out to visit this Mickey Mouse cafe in the trip planned (actually a whole trip was plan by me, yeah! i'm the squad leader, LOL).

The name of this mickey mouse cafe actually is " M2escape " Cafe and Homestay. Okay, you can notice the homestay i write right, so M2escape is not just a cafe but they also have a homestay, we actually do have a thought to stay at m2 homestay but a info i got the homestay accommodate for 10 person up to 15 but we just three person so the homestay will be too huge and also out of budget for us, so unfortunately not for this trip but maybe next time when a group trip hope we can make it happen.
M2escape cafe and of course their homestay too, are all decoration with full Mickey Mouse and friends themes and they also have a lot of Mickey Mouse collection around every corner of the cafe, and what !? some of them are for sale, so you can shop some cute collection of Mickey back home. And here i share you guys somes (actually alot) photos i takes while we enjoy our quality coffee time at M2escpae cafe. 
PS : Make sure you bring your camera guys! you guys will definitely take a lot of photos as much as i did. LOL! enjoy..

If you guys are planning to visit, Note that please focus to find this M2 entry door to the cafe because M2escape located among shops and in second floor moreover the entry door is not huge neither draw attention and also not every taxi driver know about the exist of this cafe. So you maybe will just pass through without conscious. Note that guys!

Even just a stairs to the cafe you already can see the decoration full of Mickey Mouse and Friends around. I'm way too excited.

 The Mickey Mouse art pose exactly same with my shirt from cotton on. yeah !

 And here are the looks inside the cafe.

Some cute mickey and minnie headbands are prepare and feel free to use for take photos there. So, please pardon me to have some shameless selfie. LOL!

However we are visit a cafe, so let's now we talk about the food. We are not having main foods because we way too full when we go there so we decided to have some cute dessert with mickey art of course. The foods taste is pretty good to me, there are a lot of cafe that serve pretty and cute foods but the taste is awful but m2escape foods are pretty good and the price also kind of cafe standard price. so it's worth a try. Below are what we order and i also provide the price in RM and IDR for you guys.

 "VANILLA CARAMEL WAFFLE" - RM 13.90 ( IDR 43.000 )

 "COMBO A" - RM 18.00 (IDR 55.000)

 "COFFEE TIRAMISU CAKE" - RM 15.90 (IDR 49.000)


"M2escape Cafe"
Location : 7-01 (Second Floor), Jalan Austin Heights 8/8, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 
Open hours : Tuesday - Sunday 2PM - 1AM ( Last order : 11.25PM), Monday CLOSED. (Malaysia time)
Phone : +60 12-738 5848
PS : This cafe accept cash only.


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Thursday, November 17, 2016

My top 5 Desserts Cafe in town (Batam)

I really do loves dessert , i'm sure that most people also do. Desserts make us happy, make us smile and desserts are our best friends in our bad and good times. When we are happy and gathering with friends we like to having a tea time and sweet treats , and also in our bad times we always loves to have some desserts to keep us calm. So in this post i want to share my top 5 favourite desserts cafe in Batam. Let's have more sweet desserts time with our favourite people. So here we go my guide to the best dessert cafe in town.

 Anchor Cafe and Roastery
This is my most favourite cafe now in Batam, if just i live near the sukajadi area, i think i must could dropping by every other day. My recommended sweet treats in here are Strawberry Shortcake waffles (Left), Hot Skillet Brownie (Right) and pecan pie (sorry that i forget to take the pic).

Dermaga Culinary Paradise Blok RF #11
Tue - Thur 8am - 6pm
Fri-Sun 8am - 8pm
Mon Closed.

 Smith Patisserie
This is a new french patisserie cafe in town and after my first time visit i have been coming back for several times just because I'm craving for their cakes and because of that i have tried mostl them cakes as you can see from the pic, they're Be Passion (Mango Favor), Rouge Love (Berry Favor), Atelier (Banana Favor), Red Velvet, Valrhona Gateau (Dark Chocolate), Thai Tea Mille Crepes, Tarte aux Durian, Chocolate Mille Crepes and Got-cha (Matcha favor). And My recommended are Be Passion , red velvet and most favourite Valrhona Gateau. Do give it a try !

BCS Mall Lt.3
Open daily 10am - 9.30pm
WA : +62 81177 31919

Fur Elise
If we talk dessert of course we can't missed out Gelato. Now this! my favourite Gelato in town. It's a new cafe too, it just opening about two months and i already go for 2 times even it's new. The cafe is relaxing for having a quality time with friends and family. But the most important is the Gelato is really delicious and refreshing too. My recommended for the Gelato are TRY IT ALL ! this i what i planned to do, because till now i only had try 4 favor out of all and all taste good. For an additional sweet treats they also have cakes but still a prefer Gelato when i go there.

Nagoya Newtown Blok R No 7
Daily 10am -10pm (the info is uncertain)

 Caffein Cafe
This is my most visit cafe out of 5 cafe in this post but also the less cafe that i take pictures of them cakes, so i'm sorry that i didn't manage to post lot of the cakes pics but just the latest two that i ate. Although i didn't take a pics of them but i still remember clearly of what i cakes that i had eat because the taste so good and always will make me craving over it. The have much kinds of cakes so i will just say some that't i recommended are Oreo Cheese cake, Chocolate Mousse, Devil's cake and Cheese Tart.

Ruko R3 Supeblock Mall Nagoya Hill Blok A/3A
Daily 10am - 10pm

Half and Half
Yay ! The one and only Bingsu in Batam. Maybe some of you have already try out a lot of Bingsu out there and must already how much normally Bingsu are served and it's not cheap of course. But here in Batam we got a Bingsu that taste really good with good quality in such a cheap price. Must give it a try guys who who haven't try it yet. My recomended are Injeolmi Bingsu and Classic Chocolate Bingsu.

Morning Bakery Greenland, Ruko Greenland Blok D1 No.1-6.
Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm
Fri-Sun 10am-9pm


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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Getaway to Johor Bahru - Eat whatever we see (Bahasa Indo)

Hi semua, dimanapun tempat kalian berada pasti sering kan punya short gate away ke kota-kota ataupun negara tetangga yang dekat, apalagi kita yang tinggal di Batam nih, sering donk gate away ke Singapore dan Johor Bahru, Malaysia pas long weekend sekalipun weekend biasa doank, hayo... benar gak ? haha..
Dalam post ini gw mau share nih, bulan july kemarin pas liburan panjang hari raya idul fitri gw juga gate away loh ke Johor Bahru, ya namanya gate away ini mah sama sekali gak ada planning mau ngapain aja disana, jadinya gak ngapa-ngapain dh, so gw just eat whatever i see and i want to try. so disini gw cuma mau sharing sedikit apa yang gw makan and how i rate (ratenya menurut gw doank ya, so please don't judge). Gw ada rencana mau ke Johor Bahru lagi nih akhir tahun ini, semoga jadi and tripnya terplanning jadi gw bisa kenalin where to go and what to do di Johor Bahru, ok ? (janji ini , tapi kalau jadi ya, haha ). Mari kita lanjut ke apa yang gw makan di gate away ini, gw tinggalnya di KSL resort jadi apa yang gw makan kebanyakan pada di daerah sana doank jadi gampang dicari kalau kalian juga mau mencobanya :)

1. Taiwan Recipe 
    Location : Lot LG-44, KSL City mall, 33, Jalan Seladang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

 Rate : 4 Stars / out of 5
Note : Gw suka dessert dan Chicken Chop, Tetapi gw lebih recommend pesan yang paket nasi dari pada dengan mie, mie-nya kurang sih bagi gw.

 2. Geylang Lor 9 Frog Porridge
     Location : Jalan Serigara, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
     Guide : Keluar dari pintu KSL City mall lantai LG (Cari KFC akan ketemu pintu keluar)
                   belok ke kiri, lurus saja dan kamu akan ketemu. 
     Note : Keluar dari pintu ini ada banyak pilihan restaurant dan makanan, just try and eat 
                 whatever you see as much as you can!

 Rate : 2,5 Stars / out of 5
Note : Pasti pernah dengar kan bubur kodok ini? ini merupakan bubur kodok yang terkenal di Geylang Singapore, dan ternyata ada cabang loh di Johor Bahru, mungkin karena dekat banget ya JB dengan Singapore, tapi rate yang gw kasih rendah ya? karena menurut gw sih rasanya biasa doank, tapi kemungkinan karena cabang juga sih, rasanya pasti bakal beda dengan pusat, semoga next irene bisa bantu cobain yang di Singapore langsung ya.

3.  Roasted Meat
     Location : Jalan Serigara, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
     Guide : Keluar dari pintu KSL City mall lantai LG (Cari KFC akan ketemu pintu keluar)
                   belok ke kiri, lurus saja dan kamu akan ketemu. 
     Note : Keluar dari pintu ini ada banyak pilihan restaurant dan makanan, just try and eat 
                 whatever you see as much as you can!
 Rate : 2.5 Stars / out of 5
Note: ini Roasted meatnya biasa aja juga bagi gw tapi sausnya sih enak, gw cobain ini karena ramai banget jadi penasaran sih, Tapi tak sesuai espektasi,  selama ini roasted meat paling enak yang pernah gw makan masih yang  Joyhing di Hongkong yang pernah gw post di  discover hongkong part 2 .

4. Wawa Chicken 
    Location : Lot MKF-03, City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

Rate : 4 Stars / out of 5
Note: Irene gw adalah chicken wings lover, suka banget makan ayam goreng", haha. dan Korean chicken ini gak mengecewakan loh, mungking penampilannya simple, tapi enak sih. Untuk yang suka makan pedas jangan melewati pesan yang rasa pedas ya, best ! tapi yang gak makan pedas ada banyk pilihan lain juga buat sausnya. do try it!

5. Bo Jio Lok Lok
     Location : Jalan Serigara, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
     Guide : Keluar dari pintu KSL City mall lantai LG (Cari KFC akan ketemu pintu keluar)
                   belok ke kiri, lurus saja dan kamu akan ketemu. 
     Note : Keluar dari pintu ini ada banyak pilihan restaurant dan makanan, just try and eat 
                 whatever you see as much as you can!

 Rate : 4.5 Stars / out of 5
Note : Apa yang paling harus kita makan saat di Johor Bahru ? pastinya LOK LOK donk, Lok Lok di Johor emank beda dengan yang di Batam, enak banget! Ada beberapa stand yg jual lok lok di daerah ksl, tapi yg irene coba itu BO JIO lok lok, karena pilihannya lebih banyak banding stand lain yang gw liat pada hari itu, dan kamu akan lebih enjoy makan di stand Bo Jio lok lok karena penjualnya masih muda jadi ada dibukain music k-pop yg lagi terkenal gitu, padahal di stand pinggir jalan tapi enjoy serasa di cafe nih, haha.

6. Toast Box
    Location : Lot LG-43, KSL City mall,3, Jalan Seladang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

 Rate : 3.5 Stars / out of 5
Note : Toast Box adalah salah satu yang irene selalu makan nih setiap kali ke Johor Bahru, Makanannya lumayan, harganya juga oke dan yang paling penting adalah cepat. Kadang pergi Johor Bahrunya buru" jadi ini one of the best choice sih, Makanan yang paling irene recommend adalah Nasi lemaknya.

7. Pong-Pong Korean Snaks
    Location : L2-S11, KSL City Mall, 3, Jalan Seladang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

Rate : 3 Stars / out of 5
Note :  Pong Pong smooky snack and smooky ice cream adalah korean nitrogenated snacks yang mengeluarkan nafas nitrogen atau asap keluar disaat kita makan, it's fun dan boleh dicobain , tapi menurut irene cukup coba sekali doank sih, soalny harganya menurut gw agak maal sih cuma buat snacks.

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