Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby Angels x Amazed found

hi dear all... wish ya all a great month a head because we just welcoming a new month yesterday isn't it ?
time flies so fast , i feel that we celebrate New Year 2014 it just like what just happen not so long ago and now already a half year of 2014, so guys, we must cherish every moment in every day of our life. btw, do you guys know a little toy which come from Japan names Sonny Angel ? it's been 10th years that this toys been in the world and just known it, what ashamed , haha.. but is okay, late than never right ?
but after i know it i just can't stop myself for loving it.. so first i try to buy 2 to of them in the instagram online shop.. but i just can't stop myself to keep buying it.. because it's too cute to be true.. so now, i already have 8 of them.. LoL.. and i decided to keep collection it ,

and Sonny angel have a amazing quotes that say " He may bring you Happines " and that quotes really happens , whenever you see them you just can't stop smiling , because it's toooooo cute ! hahaha.. here got some pics of my babies which i taken by myself. but sorry that , the pic only got 4 kinds of them, because another 4 just arrived today .. but you guys can catch the photo on my instagram okay ? coz i usually will post it on instagram " irenelilyk "

after all the cuteness overload Sonny Angel photos, today post i also want to introduce you all a great fashion Website that i just found out which in Indonesia . i start playing kakaotalk because of there are many promotion event in kakaotalk and in there where i found out that fashion website call " Zalora " .
Zalora is Asia's leading of online fashion destination. Zalora are the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in southeast Asia. Zalora is not just present in Indonesia but also others country like Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and etc. in zalora you got a lot of choices of International and Indonesia local brands and designers product like fashion apparel, shoes , accessories even a beauty product , not just for ladies but also gentleman .  And what make me excited is in zalora also got a sport brand that i love most like Adidas and Nike product. i just feel amazed with what the fashion website i just found and when i see around in the zalora website , i found out its got a lot of beautiful skirt to shop , which you guys can found it here *klik the here .. haha . and i think that i shall standby my atm card for shopping in zalora and you guys also !

Hope you guys enjoy my post ..


here are some photos of zalora website which i capture for you guys ! ;)