Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OFF Duty

Hello dear all reader, very 1st i am gonna say sorry for i post nothing since the last time.. when it's still 2013 right..
This is my first post in 2014
Haha.. btw, wish ya all a Happy New Year (very late greeting) :p
Finally, at last.. i got a time for a outfit shoot so that's why i just got a new post now. I aint no time from the beginning of 2014 till now.. working , working , stress out about some problem , money of course and also relationship.
Lately, i feels so stress about my life .. how i wish i can off from work , off from problems .. off all the duty in my life. I am so tired with a life like this.
But how, life must go on . I just can keep praying and walking this part as the best i can do . Give me ya support kay guys? :)
God bless you and me ..


Detail :
Beanie - girlthing olshop
Dress - bugis street , singapore
Shoes - styledasher
Bag - Pedro woman