Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to School

People get older , time flies ..
Now need to work and collage in the same time. Sometime feel so tired and miss the moment while still a student, how great if can back to school again :( miss that memories miss old friends miss that childish though .. LoL
Are you miss your student moment ? Its will be your best memories ever in your life time.. keep it safe . Sometime when you miss it you think it ♥

Detail :
Top (inside) - yingying olshop
Sweater - Jegrace
Cute ribbon - singapore
Skirt - Five
Ironman socks - Gowigasa
Shoes - Summit


Sunday, November 10, 2013

FAKE to be hated

In this world , some peoples are fake .. and  ya! I hate fake peoples..
So guys, don't ever be a faker or you will be hated :p
Be real Be true Be Loves ♥

Detail :
FAKE snapback - Gowigasa
Shirt - sister's belong
Selfdesign pants - Bugis street, Singapore
Socks - vallerine shop
Nike sportshoes - sport station