Saturday, September 28, 2013

Devil or angel

Are a devil and angel inside you ?
I always think that in every personal of human there got a devil and angel side . Everything you do gonna be kind or bad is all a choice inside you. If you can't control to listen more about devil inside you then you gonna do bad but if you keep think positive then you will be listen to the angel of your heart .
Keep positive guys , and fight the devil inside you ! ♥

Detail :
Beanie - kpopplanetshop
Sweater - from sist
Pants - cloth inc
Shoes - summit


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stars everywhere

My super comfy outfit ..
Denim is my favorite for outfit look.. they are easy to suit with any clothes .. denim are just too suitable in thousand way.
How you wear your denim ?
Here is one of the thousand style i will wear :p

Detail :
Denim vest - unknown
Basic t-shirt and necklace - singapore
Pants - unknown
Stocking - left and right
Shoes - keprimall


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Army green is best

Detail :
Jacket - From mom
T-shirt - boyfie's belong
Highwast short - weekend market singapore
Shoes - styledasher


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weird is unique

Hello readers ♡
Are you loving weird stuff ? I am !!
I am a girl who love weird stuff and pattern so so much ! ♥ If i saw anything that weird and unique i jist cant handle myself to have it !
And in this post i am wearing a weird man face in my sweater , when i 1st saw it , my heart said i must take it back .. hahaha.. so, here it this :p
If you guys know where can i got a weird and unique stuff [shop/onlineshop] please info me yaa :D

Detail :
Sweater - jegracefashion
Skirt - yingying olshop
Necklace - hellofridayshop
Bracelets - popolucastuff
Sportshoes - unknown


Monday, September 2, 2013


Yuhuu ..  new ootd post from irene again..
Today ootd post is wearing my favourite panda pattern ♥
Hahaa... panda is just too cute isn't it ??
And of course i am a panda lover.. so i uses to wear panda clothes sometime ♡ because i just cant stop buying everything that got the panda !!!
How do you think about this look ?
For me , i just too love.. not only because of the panda of course but this outfit is so comfy ♥♥♥

Detail :
Fabric as headband - keprimall
Panda shirt - sunboss nh
Denim jacket - unknown
Panda sportpant - bugis street
Panda socks - vallerie shop
Shoes - styledasher