Friday, August 23, 2013


Well , i wish to have a small talk ..
Because i live in batam sp os hard for me to wear very curious or myb weird streetstyle in here as what i really love . In here if you just wear a little bit more than simple , everyone is just see you with the eyes like you are the aliens from the other planet. Haha.. this is what i feel everytime i hang out with my own style tht more than simple maybe .
But , well guys , this will not change my love mind to weird fashion , streetstyle and blablabla..
I will still wear it out and wont care a bout what people thinking of .. i just want to be me  !

Detail of what i wear ♥ ootd photos from last sunday :
Beanie - gowigasa
Sweater - gift from malaysia
Greenlightskirt - five
Bag - smartgirl
Socks - vallerine
Shoes - summit


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