Friday, August 23, 2013


Well , i wish to have a small talk ..
Because i live in batam sp os hard for me to wear very curious or myb weird streetstyle in here as what i really love . In here if you just wear a little bit more than simple , everyone is just see you with the eyes like you are the aliens from the other planet. Haha.. this is what i feel everytime i hang out with my own style tht more than simple maybe .
But , well guys , this will not change my love mind to weird fashion , streetstyle and blablabla..
I will still wear it out and wont care a bout what people thinking of .. i just want to be me  !

Detail of what i wear ♥ ootd photos from last sunday :
Beanie - gowigasa
Sweater - gift from malaysia
Greenlightskirt - five
Bag - smartgirl
Socks - vallerine
Shoes - summit


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


After a short week of holiday , how are ya guys ?
New post from me ! ♥
Is about my photoshoot last sunday with a supaa cool sport car "fairlady" ♥♥♥ awww! Supa in love with this car :) thanks brotha Hendralie for lend me his baby fairlady for me photoshoot :*
What do you think about my photoshoot ?
Are you in love with the car too guys ?? Hahaha

What i wear :
Mickey headband - Nissolashop
Dress - h&m singapore
Tatto stocking - left&right
High heels - sista's belong


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mickey-minnie Love

Happy Holiday !!
Yeahhh ! It's Holiday ♥
How you spend your holiday guys ? Having an awesome vacation ? Enjoy Stay at home ? Or having a date ?
But , whatever still wish ya all a supa happy holiday ;)

Today post is about my ootd yesterday :D and yesterday is my 2nd years anniv with la boyfie too..  so had a long day date with him :*
Here's some photos of what i wear !
Me and boyfie is wearing a cutee mickey and minnie headband from nissolashop ! Cuteness overload ~ supaa love it ♥

Detail :
Mickey&Minnie headband - Nissolashop
Sweater - Jegracefashion
White short - Clothinc
Necklace - Gift from Bali
Bracelets - popolucastuff
Shoes - Styledasher
Socks - vallerineshop


Monday, August 5, 2013

Dance Out Loud 2013! Keep funky

Hey ya blogger ! Sorry for the late new post ;)
Today i am gonna posting about Dance Out Loud 2013! Event present by Famous Dance Studio [my dance crew]
Dance out loud is our yearly event! It's will happening every year in mid year about June to August :)
In this event we open class for 1 month in 6 different dance , they are Hiphop-Popping-Locking-Breaking-Kpopgirls-Superkids , and in this event always with extra show from our crew [Famous dance crew] and Go go funky Rangers ♥
And this year event is super awesome ! We held in 4 malls [ Hbb mall , Kepri mall , Megamall and the last BCS mall ! ]
In this event crews from famous must participant as least 1 class ! And what i join is Locking Class ! Keep funky yo ♥
For locking class out costume is batik ! Really Cinta Indonesia isn't it???

Here are some of Dance Out Loud event Photos i took ♡
Enjoy !
And hope to see ya in next year Dance out Loud !!!♥♥♥