Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Half way to weekend

hello dear all ... it's wednesday post , a half way to weekend.
How is your day ? Are you a worker or student ?
If you are let's be spirit , its gonna be weekend soon ;)

Detail :
Basic tshirt - sister's belong
Batik longpants - nh mall
Necklace - popolucastuff
Shoes - summit


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mickey alike

Hey hey ! After a week ..
Ootd post up! Introducing my new super cute mickey glasses from hk_shop1 (Instagram online store)
Omo ! I just too in love with it ♥
No much to say ..
Hmm .. ok!

Detail :
Top inside - yingying olshop
Oversize grey top - unknown
Long pants - sist belong's
Shoes - styledasher
Mickey glasse - hk_shop1


Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday visiting

Last sunday i am visiting to vietnam camp barelang , batam .
It's really a hot day ! But still having much fun , that's can see a history of vietnam camp..
Here are some photos that i took in there old prison and church :)
And my outfit on that day ♥

Detail :
Hat - Singapore
Shirt - gift from thailand
Denim jumpsuit - bcs mall, batam
Sock - vallerine olshop
Shoes - summit

Love ,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mix up

How are you today ?
Seems that lately my new post always on wednesday, but whatever .. so far still got post than no post right ?
Today ootd post i am wearing all outfit tht i had wear before ! And mix it all up ..
And did you notice ? That shirt i wear is actually a dress from styledasher tht i had wear in my history post few week ago ..
Sometime we just like to wear new clothes but you should try out , get your old clothes and mix it up . And maybe you will got something new !! ;)