Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Birthday cake in different size

Hi guys ,
New post from me again .. sorry for less post lately , i am kinda busy with my work :(
Okay , today post is about my birthday [8th May] .
What interesting in this years is i accidently got 2 same cakes in different size only . Hahaha ...
But still thanks so much to you guys for the cake [panin bank cs kcu batam & sm1]
Btw , i am 19 now ! Thanks God for the last year . And wish a best wishes for next 1year :D
Wish me a Happy Birthday! [8th May]


And here is photos of my cake!

and here where i spend my birthday night at :) is at Asher
Nice place , great view but the service and food is not really nice for recommend :p


  1. Happy birthday ci Lili :) wish you all the prettiest ya stay cute and fabulous
    Your pictures are so tempting :) I hope the food looks good as what it seems :p

  2. happy birthday sist...
    wish you always healthy... :)