Thursday, May 30, 2013


What do you think of wearing a man clothes in girl ?
I think it will look really great if you wear it right !
How bout mine ?
I am wearing a man cute pink shirt here with the lovely selfdesign pants from jegracefashion .
Will you wear a man shirt too girls ? You should try :)
Detail :
Man shirt - singapore
Selfdesign pants - jegrace fashion
Shoes - unknown

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wild but cute ?

Some people look wild some look cute some look sexy and some look sweet . How about a mixmax look i wear here ?
A wild leopard pattern make look mature but when you mix with leather skirt and cutest cat beanie, aren't look cute too?
Detail :
Beanie - Jegrace fashion
Leopard top - vallerineshop
Leather skirt - Bugis, Singapore
Shoes - Summit
Love ,

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Last sunday finally i am having reunion with my old high school friends , i miss them a lot since the last time we meet . Finally hang out and have much talk with them . Sometime friends is no need to meet up always , cause when since long time no meet then finally reunion , thats feeling is what that you can describe . I Love you guys <3 hope we can hangout again soon .
That day my outfit detail :
Boy star sweater - Jegracefashion
Jeans pants - berry jeans shop
Beanie - kpop planet shop
Booots - Styledasher

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shine Bright

That day i am going to nagoya citywalk for dinner , nagoya citywalk is new unready mall in Batam .
After i finished my dinner at black conyon cafe , then as usual i searching somewhere for my outfit shoot . And here i am ! Super great effect i got here in second floor :) the lighting effect look really great.
I hope that nagoya citywalk will be opening asap . It must wil be my favorite mall ever in Batam , because there will be place by so many shop that at others batam mall didnt have . Hahaa .. cant wait .

Detail :
Topvest & pant - Jegracefashion
Shoes - styledasher
Cat ear hat - Bugis street, Singapore

Love ,

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Birthday cake in different size

Hi guys ,
New post from me again .. sorry for less post lately , i am kinda busy with my work :(
Okay , today post is about my birthday [8th May] .
What interesting in this years is i accidently got 2 same cakes in different size only . Hahaha ...
But still thanks so much to you guys for the cake [panin bank cs kcu batam & sm1]
Btw , i am 19 now ! Thanks God for the last year . And wish a best wishes for next 1year :D
Wish me a Happy Birthday! [8th May]


And here is photos of my cake!

and here where i spend my birthday night at :) is at Asher
Nice place , great view but the service and food is not really nice for recommend :p

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great to be yourself

Don't ever care of what people are talking about you behind , don't hate back hater , love your hater more .. they hate you because they can't be you , they talk your bad behind because they envy of you. Stay to be yourself as long as you are happy ! It's great to be yourself ^^

Detail :
Crop tank - Bugis street , Singapore
Jacket - clothinc
Leather pants - unknown olshop
Boots - styledasher