Wednesday, February 27, 2013

color of light

Hi guys :) sorry for the late post of that outfit.
I wear this outfit a week ago ,  lately i love wearing outfit in different of colors. and that day the color is "yellow"(beanie&shirt) and Green(skirt).
 let's talk about yellow color , for me " yellow = color of light" , because sun is yellow color right ? and its bring us light . when we are in darkness , we need light . light(yellow) make me feel life is full of hope :)

how about you ? what do think about yellow color ? :)
tell me ( in comment space )

Detail :
Beanie & Shirt - Jegraceshop
Skirt - Five
Heels - Beewardrobe
Necklace - Bcs mall. ,Batam (sorry forget the shop name)
Watch - Alexandre Christie


Friday, February 22, 2013

ootd ; ONE OF A KIND

Hi guys , today post is about my ootd :) last night i am hangout for watching  "Bullet to the Head", here is the cover of that movie . i want to watch this movie is because the player is Sylvester Stallone!! I start like to see his movie is because of "The Expendables" that he play on 2010 , and of course i also watch "The Expendables 2" haha xp. "Bullet to the Head" is also a nice movie to watch but i still prefer the expendables more :)
ops ! sorry .. back to the topic :p it's about my ootd right? :) what i wear is my favorite beanie :) actually it's a giyongchy beanie i wear in post CNY outfit , but to make it simple for this time i hide the giyongchy symbol and the most i want to introduce is my ONE OF A KIND sweater from Kpop Planet Shop , damn love it so much ! because i'm a big fans of GD you know right ? hahah :p for who are kpop lover can go visit Kpop planet shop , it's a olshop that sell all about kpop stuff ! ! ! , Jeans short from Singapore bugis street , sportshoes from Felic & Favorite bagpack from Hello friday shop :)

Last ~ for Batam friends , or some of you guys that gonna come Batam for walk" ( holiday myb) , here i want to introduce my favorite soya for you guys :) it's Happy Soya , it's located in " Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Food Street " . Here got the photos i taken , i go for eat last night after watching :)
all time favorite mango & chocolate favor
Not only 2favors , there also got so much others favor like red bean, cappucino , original and blablabla .. just come and try it ! ^^

Thanks for Reading ! :)

Love ,